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Sport Science Program

At Dalhousie we focus on the overall wellness of student-athletes as they strive to achieve their best in both academics and athletics. Regular physical activity, mental techniques and eating properly positively affects the outcome in the classroom and on the playing field. The Dalhousie Tigers Sport Science program supports varsity student-athletes in their quest for excellence.

The Sport Science program provides support in three specific areas:

  • Strength and Conditioning - Led by some of Atlantic Canada's most experienced fitness consultants, our strength and conditioning program provides each team with a tailored program, administered by their team's strength and conditioning coach.
  • Sport Psychology - Each team has access to a sport psychology consultant who works regularly on related topics including relaxation techniques, mental imagery and competition preparation.
  • Sport Nutrition - Tigers teams can access a number of experienced nutritionists who serve to educate student-athletes on the importance of proper eating and design specific programs to help maximize performance.

All full-time Dalhousie students receive a Dalplex gym membership, but in addition varsity student-athletes also have access to the varsity weight room and the cardio room. Dalhousie students are also eligible for the Student Union Health Plan and Dental Plan.

The Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic, located in Dalplex, is a leader in healthcare rehabilitation in Nova Scotia and is a sponsor of the Tigers. Varsity student-athletes are welcome to make appointments with therapists and receive free treatment for injuries incurred during training or competition.