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Halftime Contests

Being a fan is hard work so we do our best to reward cheering Tigers fans! All of our fans can get free thunder sticks at all Tigers games and at our regular season games our promotions staff runs halftime contests for chances to win great prizes! Below is a list of all the contests happening at Tigers games this season.

G2 Is it in you?! Take your best shot at basketball, hockey and soccer games this year to win prizes from your Tigers and Gatorade! Sponsored by Pepsico Beverages Company.

Friday Night Flights! At all Friday night basketball and volleyball games this season fly a paper airplane towards centre court to win Tiger gear and the chance to compete for an Apple iPad! 

Pucks for Bucks - At select hockey games fans have a chance to make some cash picking up pucks!

Subway Build-a-Sub Contest. Dress up like a subway sandwich and be the first team to pick up all your toppings to win Subway cash cards! Sponsored by Subway.

Tony’s Tiger Tear. A quick sprint wearing Tiger paws to win a large pizza from Tony’s! Sponsored by Tony’s Pizza and Donair.

Tigers Teamwork Challenge. Make sure you pick a friend with great coordination for this three-legged race to win Tiger gear!