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2020-21 Men's Hockey Season

2020-21 Men's Hockey Season

From the Coach - Chris Donnelly

The challenge of getting better everyday was complicated this past year. Our student-athletes were fortunate to be able to continue training, both on the ice and in the gym. We feel that they were able to use the opportunity to improve their skill level as well as their strength and conditioning, while focusing on their academics.

Varsity D
In recognition of three years at Dalhousie
Ashton Anderson Dillon Boucher

Connor Hicks

Campbell Pickard Reilly Pickard Kevin Resop Connor Welsh Kyle Yewchuk


Greatest Gains - For unwavering commitment to training with a laser focus on making positive gains.

Duncan MacIntyre

Our team has benefited greatly from the extra physical preparation as a result of the cancelled season we found ourselves in. However, there was the one individual who turned the unfortunate circumstances into an opportunity to improve himself the most. During a typical season, Duncan would be unable to attend a number of team workouts due to his academic commitments. This year though, he has developed into the total athlete in order to maximize his skill set and help our team achieve success.


Tiger of the Year - For unwavering commitment to training and devotion to the growth of the team.

Connor Welsh

Connor really embraced the opportunity to get better everyday, despite the challenging environment we find ourselves living in. In addition to the countless hours he has dedicated to improving himself, he also works with the coaching staff on the scheduling of extra workout sessions for the team both on the ice and in the gym. 


Volunteer Award
Tony Eden


Graduating Athletes
Kelly Bent Jonathan Cyr Duncan MacIntyre Andrew Shewfelt Chandler Yakimowicz